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For 18 years, Fidelity has been surveying Canadians about their retirement plans and preparedness. What insight stands out each year? The value of a written retirement plan and professional advice.

With rising inflation, interest rates hikes and market volatility, Canadians are facing challenges that are affecting retirement plans and their feelings of preparedness. Download the 2023 report to learn more about how Canadians are faring and the steps you can take to help you feel better prepared as you navigate your path to – or in – retirement.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Canadians feel less financially prepared for retirement this year compared with previous years.
  • The rising cost of living remains the most common reason holding Canadians back from retiring when they would like to.
  • Having a written financial plan boosts Canadians’ financial, emotional, social and physical wellness.
  • 82% of Canadians with a written retirement plan worked with a
    financial advisor.
  • And much more.

Source: The 2023 Fidelity Retirement Report.

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